Deans of the faculties






Prof . Dr : Aml Mahran

Faculty of education


Prof . Dr : Hoda Metwally


  Faculty of agriculture



Prof .Dr Maged Shoala


  Faculty of arts






Prof.Dr : Radi Elsayyed Abdelgawad


 Faculty of commerce


Prof . Dr :ELsayed Ibrahim Saad


 Faculty of science





Prof . Dr :Enas Mohammed Ibrahim

  Faculty of nursing


Prof.Dr : Nabil Bekeer


 Faculty of veterinary



Prof. Dr : Mostafa Hamza


  Faculty of Education for Early Childhood



Prof.Dr : Gamal Omran


 Faculty of Pharamacy






Prof . Dr : Elsafy Elgahmi


Faculty of Specific Education



Prof . Dr : Mohamed Fawzy Waly

Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences




Prof . Dr : Mohamed Khayrat Dawood

Faculty of Engineering

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