Amna and Saleh Attend the Governorate's Celebration Ceremony of El Beheira National Day


Major General / Hisham Amna - Governor of El Beheira - and Prof. Dr. Ebeed Saleh - President of Damanhour University -

attended the celebration organized by the governorate on the occasion of the governorate's national day,

which corresponds with the nineteenth of September of each year (the anniversary of the victory over Fraser campaign in 1807).

The celebration began with playing the national anthem, followed by the speech of his Excellency the Governor of El Beheira.

Students who obtained higher degrees in certificates of completion of the school stages were honored,

and then a singing performance was presented by the university choir group.

Saleh stressed that the celebration of the National Day embodies the courage and heroism of Egyptians,

represented by the people of Rosetta.

He also stressed the university's keenness to exploit all its capabilities

to support cooperation with the governorate by providing initiatives in all fields to serve all citizens of the governorate. 

Saleh presented a souvenir of artwork made by the university students to Major General / Hisham Amna

on the occasion of the governorate's National Day.