Historical abstract








                  Damanhour University as a scientific and economic establishment was started as branch of


                     Alexandria University. At that time only scientific institutions: Faculty of Education, Faculty


                      of Agriculture, Faculty of Arts,  and Faculty of Commerce that shaped the distinct identity of


                     Damanhour University. Three more faculties: Science, Nursing, and  Veterinary Medicine


                    were added according to the presidential decrees. Also, the decrees of Alexandria University


                   Council have added new branches for Faculty of Pharmacy, Kindergarten, and Law starting


                                                                from the Academic Year 2007/2008.


                 Damanhour Branch of Alexandria University was established on the 1979/1980 academic


                  year with Faculty of Education according to the presidential decree no. 507/1988. 


                     Then three years later, Faculty of Agriculture was established in the Academic year 1983/1984,


                     and then became an independent faculty according to the presidential decree no. 50/1988. 


                    Faculty of Arts was started in Damanhour in 1984 as an extension for the Faculty of Arts,


                     Alexandria University until it became an independent faculty according to the presidential


                     decree 507/1988. Faculty of Commerce was established in Damanhour according to the


                    presidential decree no. 507/1988. Faculty of Science and  Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


                 were established in Damanhour according to the Presidential Decree # 87/2007. Afterwards,


               Faculty of Kindergarten and Faculty of Pharmacy were started in the academic year 2008/2009.  


               Finally, the ex-president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak has issued a Presidential 


              Decree in 26/10/2010 stating the establishment of Damanhour University as


             an academic scientific identity. This decree  included 12 faculties; Arts, Commerce


            Agriculture, Education, Nursing, Sciences Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Kindergarten,


                                                   Medicine, and Engineering.










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