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Faculty Vision

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Damanhur University Hopes to become a unique creative center in education and veterinary diagnostic laboratory reference and research activities to meet the environmental and societal problems, in tune with the ambition of Damanhour University in the accuracy of performance and output quality and continuous development for the better.


Faculty Mission

Proceeding from the Damanhour University mission, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine aimed to supply the local and regional labor market with to scientifically and applicably qualified veterinarians and researchers through educational programs developed for the development of livestock and fish and poultry and meet the needs of the community to safe food and reduce the spread of infectious and zoonotic diseases and common environmental pollutants.



Faculty Strategic objectives

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine aimed to:


Provide students with the knowledge assets in veterinary medical science and develop their cultural and social abilities.



The graduation of veterinarians qualified scientifically and clinically able to contribute in various sectors of development plans required by the state and the protection of society from common diseases that spread from animals to humans.



Provide graduate programs and ongoing training to raise the efficiency of veterinarians in various veterinary fields.



Encourage faculty member staff to conduct studies and scientific and applied research in the field of veterinary medical science, which aims to serve the community and the development environment.



Increasing the communication and exchange of scientific expertise by organizing and participating in conferences, seminars and scientific visits by local and international agreements.



Provide oversight of health food, counseling and veterinary diagnostic and therapeutic services to solve many problems in various veterinary sectors.



Cooperation with civil society organization, government institutions and companies with specialized productivity at the local , regional and international levels.



Code of Ethics:

Code of ethics is a set of values ​​that the university seeks workers or their commitment to work during practice, and is formulated in terms of “should” or “will stick," or “forbidden” or the like. The Charter sets out the rules due to the expected behavior in the conduct of forbidden behavior.





Postal address: Behera Province - Damanhour city - infront the General Damanhour Hospital
E-mail: dean.vetmed@damanhour.edu.eg 
Website http://damanhour.edu.eg/vetfac/Pages/Page.aspx?id=431 
Telephone: - 0453591018 to 0453591016
Fax: 0453591018

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