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Published Researches Of Damanhour Univeristy - Faculty of science

1 Solvatochromaticity and pH dependence of the electronic absorption spectra of some purines and pyrimidines and their metal complexesPDF
2 On a perturbed functional integral equation of Urysohn typePDF
3 On quadratic integral equations in Orlicz spacesPDF
4 Seasonal courses of nutrients and heavy metals in water, sediment and aboveand below-ground Typha domingensis biomass in Lake Burullus (Egypt): Perspectives for phytoremediationPDF
5 Structural influence on the evolution of the pre-Eonile drainage system of southern Egypt: Insights from magnetotelluric and gravity dataPDF
6 Synthesis of SnO2 Nanowires their Structural and H2 Gas SensingPDF
7 Characterisation of resistance to branched broomrape, Phelipanche ramosa, in winter oilseed rapePDF
8 Vegetation analysis of Wadi Al-Jufair, a hyper-arid region in Najd, Saudi ArabiaPDF
9 Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of gallic acid and some of its azo complexesPDF
10 Magneto-electro viscoelastic layer in functionally graded materialsPDF
11 The Physiological Status and Genetic Variations of the Bivalve, Pinctala Radiata Affected by Environmental PollutionPDF
12 Ten years primary succession on a newly created landfill at a lagoon of the Mediterranean Sea (Lake Burullus RAMSAR site)PDF
13 Molecular pathogenesis of gastric ulcers and strategies for preventionPDF
14 Effect of the anionic part of various Ce(III) salts on the corrosion inhibition efficiency of AA2024 aluminium alloyPDF
15 Synthesis, computational, spectroscopic, thermal and antimicrobial activity studies on some metal–urate complexesPDF

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